How I Built My Own Allotment And Play Area

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One of the reasons I picked my new house was the garden, a good size with an existing allotment area, the idea of growing our own food really appealed to me so I went into the task with gusto!.

I expanded the allotment and doubled the amount of space we could grow in and so we started, but between a busy job and a new born boy life got in the way and so the great idea of home grown veg went to the sidelines.

As you can see in the image it was not going so well, time for a rethink.
Old Allotment Area


The allotment started to get over grown and looked a mess, this was a disappointment to me so I decided to attack it anew, make it smaller and more manageable and put in a play area for my rapidly growing son to play in.

First Steps

I decided to clear out all the old allotment and take all the weeds out, this took a few days of hard work but it was worth it. I also managed to get some old wooden crates that companies use to move their products.

I pained these crates different colours and using different designs to turn them into something fun for Arthur (son) to look at and dig in and something solid for me to grow veg in. I usedĀ  outdoor paint for this part of the project.

The plan is to use these crates as planters, each crate will grow different veg or fruit and it will make it much easier to manage and protect from slugs and otherĀ  green leaf loving insects.

I bought some good soil and filled each of the planters up, I filled them with veg plants I grew from seed from our green house

Finishing The Job

After I arranged the planters in a circle I created a rounded border, I then ordered a few tonnes of white Yorkshire stone and play area wood chip for Arthurs play area, using our little wheel barrow I moved all the stones and woodchip from the front of the garden to the rear which was very hard work but the end result are worth all the effort!

Before I laid the stones and woodchip I put a layer of weed control fabric down to minimize anything growing through the stone and wood chip.

I also placed some fun garden ornaments for Arthur to look at, I’m trying to turn it into a fun area for him

Our New Allotment


These are the planters in the circle around the centre, in the centre we are growing wild strawberries and roses so no space is wasted! I used a rake to spread the stones out evenly throught the allotment area.

Arthurs play area


At some point I am going to place a sand pit in here as I have one spare wooden planter. This will be great for Arthur to play in during the warm summer months and a safe area in case he falls over (this happens allot)

End Result


The finished product! I’ve turned a pretty overgrown area into a clean easily manageable grow/play area for growing food and to entertain our boy. The rest of the garden is grassed so we are getting the best of both worlds here ( and it cuts down on mowing the grass! )

Arthur enjoying digging in the stones (his favourite pastime)


With this garden I’m going to be teaching him how to grow his own food and try to instil in him where this food comes from that appears on his plate, hopefully we will be getting chickens soon for eggs each morning.




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